Wolfram Night Vision Halogen H1


Wolfram Night Vision

WOLFRAM NIGHT VISION halogen headlight bulbs shine up to 150 percent brighter than the minimum legal level thanks to unique photoablation technology. The finely developed filament provides an additional blast of brightness. As a result, the lamps have a beam length of up to 150 metres and a light colour that is up to 20% whiter than the required minimum. Drivers can recognise and respond to traffic dangers more rapidly with greater light and increased visibility. Last but not least, WOLFRAM NIGHT VISION dazzles with its one-of-a-kind design and comprehensive portfolio.


Wolfram New Generation Silver

WOLFRAM NEW GENERATION SILVER is a high-performance halogen automobile light with a long lifetime and up to 100 percent higher brightness than the minimum legal requirement. It also has a beam length of up to 130 metres. This permits you to see road signs, obstructions, and hazards more quickly, giving the driver more time to respond. Furthermore, these car lamps feature a competitive price-performance ratio and styling. The ideal solution for drivers that place a premium on performance and longevity.


Wolfram Sky Blue

For off-road use only, utilise a hyper white light with a colour temperature of up to 5,500 K.

WOLFRAM SKY BLUE has a high colour temperature of up to 5,500 K delivering a hyper white halogen light for a stunning LED effect.

ECE clearance is not available for these goods. This means they can’t be utilised outside on public roadways in any capacity. When used on public roadways, the operator’s licence is revoked, and insurance coverage is revoked. The sale and use of these goods is prohibited in some countries.